ALL-in-ONE spyphone

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Install our spy software on any compatible Nokia GSM handsets to enable the Full Suite. The software seamlessly integrates with the phone's hardware enabling your phone to become a spy phone, call interceptor, sms interceptor and/or tracking device. The software works in any country with any GSM network operator and supports all languages. Unlike competitors software, our ALL-in-ONE spy software does NOT require any active Internet connection. ALL-in-ONE Features Summary: Spy Phone - Listen in to the surrounding sounds and conversations around the TP Sms Interceptor - Receive duplicate copies of all incoming/outgoing text messages Text Alert - Receive notifications when TP connects to an incoming/outgoing call Call Through - Listen to both sides of TP and RP conversations Boot/SIM - Receive notifications when TP changes SIM or turns phone ON Location Info - Receive location info of TP to nearest phone mast Reboot - Will refresh software and restart to eliminate problems Status Report - Receive notifications of the software operating status Phone Dead - Coming soon (Free upgrade) Contacts - Coming soon (Free upgrade)


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