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TUTU Animated Screen is an animated user interface to replace your standard PPC UI. It comes with smooth animations, advanced graphic effects and faster access to the system functions. With TUTU Animated Screen, you can enjoy animated home screens and menu patterns by a single click. Pay $9.99 only to own two themes as well! You can use the trial version of TUTU Animated Screen for 72 hours. When the trial expires, you will need to register and activate it. Features: Fast access to the vital functions of the device Easy to use and finger-friendly Easy to switch between two themes Compatible with WM5 and WM6 System requirements: Resolution: 240 x 320 Basic frequency: above 200MHz Available memory: above 3M Available storage card memory: above 2M How to use: You can press the left-right key or the OK key on the main screen to enter the primary menu, and you will see six icons lining in curve on the right side: Messages, Speed Dial, Media Center, Arrangement, Settings and Management. You can press the up-down key to slide the primary menu, and the left-right key to slide the sub-menu which features the following functions: Messages: Text Messages, Multimedia Messages, E-mail and Missed Calls. Speed Dial: You can set five contacts in Speed Dial, each with a particular icon. Press the left-right key to dial or edit the contacts. Media Center: Playlist, Pics&Videos and Play Control. Arrangement: Date, Voice Mail and Task. Settings: Sound, Main Screen and Alarm Clock. Management: File Management, Wireless Management and Power Management. Touch each menu item directly to enter the corresponding function page. If your mobile phone is left idle for 20 seconds, TUTU Animated Screen will turn to the main screen automatically.


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