dOPC Client Toolkit for Delphi

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In order to offer you as a Borland Delphi developer the opportunity to work with the OPC standard in the familiar Delphi manners, we developed a 100 % VCL software toolkit (SDK) to create OPC DA, XML DA and AE clients, which are the most common interfaces of OPC. <br><br> dOPC DA Component for the implementation of OPC Data Access Clients This easy to use component enables the user to control, browse, read and write data from any installed OPC OPC Data Access 1.x, 2.x, 3.0 and XML Data Access Servers. <br><br> dOPC AE Component for the implementation of Alarm & Event Clients This powerful component allows you to build OPC Alarm & Event Client applications just with a few mouse clicks. dOPC AE supports the complete OPC Alarms & Events specification 1.02. <br><br> The dOPC Delphi Client Toolkit includes many classes, properties, methods and events, thus offering the opportunity to create OPC Client applications in a fast and professional way at hightest performance. <br><br> Please download our free trial version which is fully functional and includes a comprehensive help file and several demos and examples (with source code). Only a little warning message is displayed


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