Downloads and runs your software installation program from your website! Your customers want the latest version of your software, and now you need to get it to them. Whether your customers are in the same room as you, or half way around the world you can get it to them using axAutoUpdate OCX. With precision axAutoUpdate will give your customers the ability to check for updates and download the latest versions of your application installation quickly and easily. You can't afford to run outdated software, so why should your customers? Get axAutoUpdate, and get better grades. Features: Downloads and runs your software installation program from your website. Easy to incorporate into any software application that supports OCX Controls. The axAutoUpdate wizard checks your Internet Website for the latest version and compares it to the version that the customer is running. If there is an upgrade available, it will (optionally) download and display a text file from your website that you specify and author. You can tell your customers all of the latest updates you have made to your software. Full progress bar and bytes downloaded status. Supports AutoCheck mode for automatic checking. Only displays wizard if update is available. Lightweight control (90 Kb) Benefits: - Gives your users the benefit of immediate software updates - Build web based software updates into your software in less then 5 minutes - Reduce time spend on support, and cost of delivering the updates to your customers

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