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You need Microsoft Visual Basic 4 (included) to use Date Analyser. A tool that helps you in your quest towards solving the Year 2000 date problem. Date Analyser automates the process of analysing vast amounts of Visual Basic 3 and 4 source code for date keywords. The tool is used to reduce the amount ofmanual code inspection. It works by parsing every single form, module and class in the currently loaded VB project and produces a log file of all date keywords found. The results can then be used as part of the impact analysis study. Can you imaging having to manually search each file in a VB project for date keywords to see if the file is impacted by the year 2000 problem. This process is very time consuming andlabour intensive. It is also very boring. Date Analyser allows the developer to automate this task and spend more time on performing the High Level Analysis. A whole VB project can be analysed in seconds. How long will it take you to do this manually?

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