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If you're coding in Visual Basic and have ever been frustrated that Greek, Japanese, Russian or Chinese characters display as '?' in the user interface, then you need UniToolbox. The UniToolbox family of controls integrate seamlessly into your software, bridging the gap between Visual Basic's internal Unicode support and the shortfalls in VB's user interface. The controls in UniToolbox have been designed as a direct replacement to the standard Microsoft controls. Simply by dropping the new controls into your existing projects you can quickly and easily add support for any language. We've made it as easy as possible to get the most out of UniToolbox as the control suite comes with a Control Migration Wizard. Running the wizard will automatically convert your entire project, with advanced options that allow you to specify exactly how every control and property is converted. UniToolbox also comes with a set of demonstration applications that help you get the most out of supporting Unicode in every single place in your application. UniToolbox comes with 8 standard controls, for controls such as textboxes, comboboxes, labels and buttons. For richer user interfaces take a look at UniToolbox2, which has 9 additional controls such as Grid, Menu, Tab and Treeview controls. We also offer UniTabDlg and UniFlexGrid, which are direct replacements for the SSTab and FlexGrid Controls.


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