Full featured and affordable image and vector viewing and processing for ActiveX,.NET,C#,VB.NET,VB,C++,DLL,LIB at your fingertips. Image and vectordata viewing with Scrolling, Zooming, Panning. Unlimited layers, you can plug multiple raster and vector layers into the viewer, where each vectorlayer can itself contain unlimited sublayers. Fully customizeable userinterface. Includes a magnification window and a scroll popupmenu. Reads and writes all common raster image formats TIFF, JPEG2000, JBIG2, BMP, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, Multipage TIFF, PSD, PBM, PGM, PPM, PDF Comprehensive set of image processing operations. Sharpen, Blur, Crop, AntiAlias, EdgeDetection, Rotate, Hue, Saturation,.. Grabhandles Improved management of selected and highlighted geometry objects. Snapping to the nearest point of interest to ease geometry drawing. PSD layer viewing. You can draw PSD files layer by layer and modify blending effects and transparency settings. Or add vector layers above the PSD layers. Geometry styles for advanced visual effets like gradient filled geometry. Support for geometry shapes with holes. High performance spatial index for geometry objects You have the choice to use GDI+ drawing engine or not. GDI+ drawing engine adds great visual effects to geometry objects. Read/Write DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) vector data file format Read Dgn v7, SHP (Esri Shapefile) vector data format Image annotations - Place points, lines, rectangles, polygons, text, circles, ellipses or small symbols on the image. Easily integrate TWAIN image acquisition from any TWAIN scanner or digital camera into your applications. THBExif Exif and IPTC(International Press Telecommunications Council Headers) reading and writing object Packaged together into one easy to use image and vector processing solution. Flexible module based affordable pricing. No runtime fees.


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