Spotlight for WebLogic Server



Spotlight for WebLogic Server is a real-time performance viewer that provides a visual representation of the WebLogic domain, application, and server resource usage. Color-coded alarms enable the WebLogic administrator to quickly determine which server or application is experiencing a performance problem and guide the administrator to the cause. Once a problem is exposed, expert advice provides insight into the problem and tuning advice that can be used to improve performance of the WebLogic Server. Spotlight provides an at-a-glance view of the process flow through the application server. You can quickly resolve configuration and deployment problems, as well as improving application and server responsiveness. Spotlight is now a component of Quest Software's Application Performance Management (APM) Suite for the J2EE platform, which enables businesses to detect, diagnose and resolve application performance problems faster than ever before. This suite is an integrated toolset designed to increase the efficiency of each member of the J2EE team responsible for performance and availability.

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