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  • Developer: Keyoti Inc.
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Pro Level Features - Reusable administration web application - Windows Service based recrawling/reindexing - 'Did you mean?' spelling suggestions - Content & Location categorization Features These features are present in Search Pro and Search Lite - High-speed index based searching - Visual Studio based index management (spidering and indexing) - Phrase matching - Smart result summary & keyword highlighting - Stemming/Lemmas - Word form variations are searched and ranked lower - Complex expression support; nested groups, NOT, OR and AND - Multiple document format indexing (Word 97-2003/XP, RTF, TXT, PDF, HTML [aspx, html, aspx, jsp...]) - Spider - Templated control - Open, pure .NET API - Indexes/crawls password protectected web-sites - Completely 'Microsoft Indexing Service' independent - Case sensitivity options - Result DataSource merging - Ignore region support - Unicode and non English language support - Featured results control - ASP.NET 1.1 and ASP.NET 2.0 compatible Details Search for ASP.NET is an index based search engine control for ASP.NET web applications, written in .NET. It's design is fully customizable through it's use of templates. It is simple to use, being entirely control based no programming is required. It is easy to deploy, requiring only it's DLLs and index files to be moved to the server.


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