SQL Code Manager

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If you are developing a database under Microsoft SQL Server, you may have already noticed that the usability of the standard utilities is far from being perfect from the developer's point of view. In a large project it becomes difficult to navigate through database objects. Besides, a large database needs a version control system as badly as the main program that is being developed. Nevertheless, standard tools have no version control for SQL objects. SQL Code Manager allows you to solve these problems. A unique feature of grouping various database objects depending on the logic of your project provides you with simple navigation in a project of any size. You can write a comprehensive comment for any object, which is especially useful in a large project and in case of working in a team. The support of teamwork was the main requirement while developing SQL Code Manager. The possibility for several people to work on one project and the built-in version control system make it possible to meet that requirement. You can go back to the previous version of an object any time, compare the two versions and even compare different objects. It is really easy to start working with SQL Code Manager - you can import an existing SQL script from your database (or several scripts if you store objects in different files) into a new project. Do not forget to group the objects according to the logic of your project and enjoy the usability of the built-in search system and the editor highlighting the SQL syntax.


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