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SQLExecMS is a stand-alone tool that simplifies usual duty of DBA's and database developers who uses MS SQL Server (7.0 or 2000) or MSDE. Could be used like a substitution for EM and QA. Inspired by long experience of development and maintaining DB applications. SQLExecMS doesn't require any additional installation, just 'copy and go'. SQLExecMS does not use SQLDMO. List of SQLExecMS's features includes: easy navigate through DB objects view and update data in your tables using grid or field by field presentation; execute any T-SQL statements using syntax highlight editor and code assistance; view estimated execution plan; manage sceduled jobs; manage your triggers; manage your indexes; view and manage statistics; view fragmentation of indexes in graph and text mode; view fragmentation of your tables; search substring in objects' script; generate SQL script for your DB, including tables data, users, roles; monitor and manage connections to SQL server; compare scripts of two databases; easy walk through object dependencies; manage you SQL Server logins and database users; review error logs of your SQL server; review space usage of DB, Tables, Indexes; review and manage locked resources in your databases; manage databases on the SQL server; manage database and server options; easily manage your extended stored procedures; export recordset into .TXT, .XML, .XLS, .HTML format; generate 'INSERT INTO' script for any recordsets; quickly check properties on any object returned by OBJECTPROPERTY; lots of others...


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