SN Chart Server



SN Chart Server is a Web server-side application to show charts dynamicly. The charts will be shown as JPEG images. SN Chart Server is based on ADO which means that almost any kind of data can be connected to a chart. It can connect to ODBC or directly connect to Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and so on. Also connections to plain text files or XML files are possible. The 2 main components are: SNCS Editor and SNCS Web Server Application The SNCS Editor will help you create any customized chart. This tool can be used on any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP machine. The SNCS Web Server Application (ActiveX or CGI executable) is the main chart server and should be installed on a Windows based web server. The SNCS Web Server Application will take care of showing the charts, created with the editor, on the web as JPEG images.


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