SCardX Easy smart card ActiveX control



SCardX Easy is a smart cards ActiveX control which adds to your applications the following functionality: - events detecting : you will be informed about all smart card devices states changes; - commands sending : you will be able to send the commands APDU and the command data buffers into an any opened smart cards and to receive the cards answers; - information receiving : you will be able to receive all information of the smart cards service about the opened smart cards or an attached devices; - data ciphering : you will be able to encrypt and to decrypt the text data using the DES algorithm; - LookUp the errors and states : you will be able to use the Error LookUp and Reader States LookUp services of the control; - more ... The SCardX Easy ActiveX control creates the communication channel between the parent application and an opened smart card via the smart card service and the attached smart card reader. This control allows you to send the command APDUs and command data buffers into an any ISO-7816 compatible smart cards and to receive the cards' answers using card's "native" language - the language of the command APDU's. It is the lowest level of work with a smart cards from the PC. Using SCardX Easy ActiveX control you can send into your smart cards any commands according to the cards' specifications easy and without any limitations.


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