OsenXPSuite 2006 Enterprise Edition



Create rich, professional User Interfaces. OsenXPSuite 2006 combines 24 (twenty four) of our most popular components, OsenXPForm, MyADODC, MycontainerCtl, OsenXPTab, MyImageList, OsenXPHookMenu, OsenXPLabel, OsenXPTextbox, OsenXPButton, OsenXPListbox, OsenXPCombobox, OsenXPDTPicker, OsenXPHscrollbar, OsenXPVScrollbar, OsenXPSPin, OsenXPCheckbox, OsenXPOptionbutton, OsenXPProgressbar, OsenXPFrame, OsenXPTreeview, OsenXPPictureBox, MyWinsock, OsenXPToolbar, and OsenXPStatusbar all for one incredibly low price. • XP look under Windows® 98/Me/2000/XP with three different color schemes. • OsenXPListBox have a Background picture embedding with transparency level. • Multiple checkbox on OsenXPListbox. • Combo box multi column and image viewer • DiIsplay an image/icon on each column of the OsenXPListbox. • MsgBox and Inputbox XP with gradient form. • Conditional formatting for OsenXPListBox, just wrote single line code. • Column header for OsenXPListBox, OsenXPCombobox, and OsenXPTreeview. • Item string, font, fore/back color, and other properties are completely customizable for each row of the OsenXPListbox. • and much more. • Included SQLite3 engine and SQLite3 class wrapper for embedded database application. • Included MySQL class wrapper. • Create your embedded database application just a few minutes. • OsenXPPictureBox can be bind into ADO Recordset, so is the best solution to save and load image from recordset. • OsenXPListbox can be bound with recordset, OsenXPTextBox, OsenXPComboBox and OsenXPDTPicker. • MyADODC is the best solution to create a database application with single line of code, save your time.


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