NativeExcel for .NET

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NativeExcel for .NET is a high-performance solution that allows to create, read and modify Excel spreadsheets on the fly from any .NET application. NativeExcel does not require installed Microsoft Excel on the user's computer, it writes and reads excel files directly. NativeExcel is a single DLL written completely in managed C#. FEATURES: * Create, read, modify and write excel files without Microsoft Excel; * Access any cell values (number, string, date, boolean, formula); * Calculation engine to perform computation on the cells; * Cell attributes (alignment, orientation, borders, background attributes, and so on); * Font attributes (font name, font size, color, decoration, and so on); * Merged cells; * Hyperlinks; * Group, UnGroup rows and columns; * Unicode characters support; * Copy, move, insert, delete and clear rows, columns and cells; * Worksheet attributes (name, protection, selection, splitting and so on); * Printing attributes (page size, orientation, margins, footer, header, page breaks, print area and so on);


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