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MailMill .NET is a SMTP/MIME component 100% .NET Managed Code written in C# . It enables easy email creation and sending and lets you considerably speed up your development. Features: - Send HTML email with embedded images. - Send multipart/alternative emails with both HTML and plain-text bodies. - Send multiple file attachments. - Add any attachment formats from files or in-memory data. - Automatically encode contents using the most optimized transfer encoding mode. - Handle multi-language (including asian and arabic languages). - Support multiple To, CC, BCC and Reply-To. - Support standard and custom header fields. - Set the message priority. - SMTP and ESMTP protocols. - Allow you to specify non standard SMTP port number. - Save your messages to the disk. - Include an email address validator to control email addresses. - Include an email address formatter to create email addresses with a display name in To, Cc, and From. - Compliance with RFC standards.

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