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MSI to EXE setup generator has the ability to convert Microsoft installation package .msi into executable .exe extension files. Setup builder provides effective and efficient solution to generate exe setup files from windows installer .msi package. MSI to EXE setup builder facilitates users to save converted executable setup files at any user specified location. MSI to EXE converter program has user friendly GUI facility that helps users to create exe setup from Microsoft visual studio .net framework MSI installation files by a single mouse click without affecting the originality. Setup creator is non-destructive and read only utility so it does not harm the actual data of your files and also maintains the accuracy of software products. Flexible application generator program creates executable setup files by original .MSI files formats without affecting the structure and basic functionality during the setup creation process. Tool is fully compatible with all versions of windows operating system including Vista, Me, NT, XP, 98, 2000, 2003 etc. Fast, secure and cost effective setup creation program is useful for all those developers and programmers who want to convert MSI files into exe setup file. Features: * Has the ability to save created exe setup at user specified location. * Can be easily operated by both technical and non-technical users because of its user friendly GUI facility with inbuilt help option. * Converts windows installer .MSI package into executable .exe setup files by a single mouse click. * It is non destructive and read only utility so original .MSI file format, basic functionality and structure remains unchanged. * MSI to EXE creator successfully runs on all versions of windows operating system.

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