MONyog MySQL Monitor

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MONyog MySQL Monitor and Advisor is a “MySQL DBA in a box” that helps MySQL DBAs manage more MySQL servers, tune their current MySQL servers and find and fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become serious problems or costly outages. MONyog proactively monitors enterprise database environments and provides expert advice on how even those new to MySQL can tighten security, optimize performance and reduce downtime of their MySQL powered systems. MONyog's salient features are :- * Analyze MySQL and OS performance data collected over a period of time * SSH Tunneling Support. Great looking real-time charts * Complete rewrite of MONyog documentation* Monitoring and Advisory Tools for MySQL Community and Enterprise Servers * Get up and running in less than 1 minute! Quick Performance Tuning and Optimization * Enterprise dashboard helps identify problems quickly * Get proactive events and alerts. Monitor Replication * Detect MySQL hacking attempts. Identify and fix security vulnerabilities * Agent-less monitoring. No installation required on servers * Compare unlimited MySQL servers side-by-side * less than 6.5MB. Available on Windows and Linux. Inbuilt web-server. AJAX interface * Does not force you to install multiple web-servers and language runtimes like other tools * Simple Descriptions for all performance metrics. Helps you learn MySQL Internals * Fully customizable using Javascript and MONyog Object Model


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