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Components and Libraries


License System library for developers to implement a license system in their software with online registration and activation. No subscriptions, just buy and use. With ready made server-side php-scripts to register and activate. Delivered with several tools for the developer. Features: - Ready made webserver-sided php-scripts for activation and registration - Freeware language manager and tools to add or alter languages. - Language resource file compiler - Language resource file viewer - Lincese Tool for easy altering/creating licenses - Build in dialogs to validate the current state of the license, register and activate. - Several license integrity validations - Automated proxy detection (finds default browser and detects proxy from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari) - Easy distribution (delivere your software with dll's) - No subscriptions for the developer like many other license systems, just buy and use. - Standard multi-language in English, Dutch and German. With the option to add more languages - Several ready made flag images to use and to add more languages - Just a few lines of code and the license system is implemented in your software - Add on screen components to disable them or make them invisible until activation. The license system will process the components automaticaly.


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