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Imaging Toolkit for Delphi is a set of VCL components for image processing and aquisition. The VCL components includes: Image file import and export filters supporting compression, including a thumbnail viewer for viewing images stored in the different file formats. Components to print images and present print previews, perform colour format conversion, histogram utilities, filters to enhance images, spatial transformation and Mathematical & logical methods using MMX technology. Record images from any TWAIN compilant scanner or camera. Included file formats: - BMP, Windows or OS/2 Bitmap - DIB, Windows or OS/2 DIB - JPEG, Joint Photographics Expert Group - PBM, Portable Bitmap - PGM, Portable Greymap - PNG, Portable Network Graphics - PPM, Portable Pixelmap - TIFF, Tag Image File Format - TGA, Truevision Targa - PCX, Zsoft Paintbrush - SGI, Silicon Graphics Image The included sample projects and online help shows how to use the components. Professional edition (Source code) Euro 300,- Standard edition (No source code) Euro 125,- These components are Royalty free! Visit our Internet site at for more information.

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