Image Viewer CP ActiveX Control



Resize image resolution to specific size and export to JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG file formats. Aspect Ratio Control. You can Print the Image to Printer. Add Text to an image when print. Export color Image to grayscale. Smooth Scrolling improvement in Version 2.0. Rotate and zoom the image easily. Support loading Multi-Page Image File(TIF). Map System helper.Save the specifies location of image.Restore the specifies location of image in anytime. support keyboard or mouse wheel scrolling image. User Define Display Area. User Define Zoom in or Zoom out value. Include Visual Basic ,Visual Foxpro, Delphi, Access Sample Code. Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (Access, Visual C++ , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, etc.) Royalty free distribution of the OCX file.


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