ImageViewer ActiveX Control



Product Features: - Ability to Rotate an image at an angle of 90 degrees, to the left or right. - Ability to adjust the Brightness, Color, Contrast, and Gamma of the image. - Ability to apply different picture effects such as EdgeDetect, Emboss, GrayScale, MeanRemoval, Invert, Pixelate, Sharpen, Smooth, Sphere and Water to the image. - Ability to restore to the last image and undo the applied image effects. - Ability to export an image to various formats such as Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and PDF format. - Ability to print a selection on an entire page or you can save it to an image or PDF file. - Ability to zoom in or out of an image to get a close-up view or see more of the image at a reduced size. - Supports most of the popular image formats such as Bitmap, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, TIF, WMF. - Supports multiple page TIFF. - Works with any ActiveX aware application such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office and Borland Delphi etc. - Royalty free distribution of the ImageViewer ActiveX Control.


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