Formulator Express ActiveX Control



Formulator is a powerful interactive mathematical expressions editor. It uses WYSIWYG-style editing and allows creating mathematical equations through simple point-and-click techniques. Formulator is the intelligent software, aware of presentation or semantics face of mathematics. Advanced editing features are available by means of MathML authoring techniques which help Formulator to implement effective solutions for a wide audience of software developers, educators, students, STM publishers, etc. Among the distinguishing features of Formulator is component versions support (in the form of ActiveX Control or Automation Server) and extensive support of MathML 2.0 (Presentation, Content and Mixed markups) through easy-to-use graphical interface. Exporting functionality of Formulator is extremely useful when a user wants to share you math documents. With the help of Formulator users have a freedom to publish their work in so different ways as MathML plain text fragments, XHTML documents with MathML inlined, raster images, vector graphics (EMF). Formulator is visually oriented tool. It proposes intuitive and easy-to-use ways to create and edit both Presentation and Content MathML markups. Comprehensive collection of mathematical symbols and templates of Formulator is useful both to users having publishing needs and to those who is oriented on analysis of expressions meaning. Field of applications for Formulator is really wide, since it comprises both a standalone application edition, run as a separate program, and a component edition, that is, an ActiveX control. When using the Formulator ActiveX Control this revolutionary functionality makes it simple to develop new software products, keenly aware of the mathematical typesetting and semantics rules. This helps to accelerate application development in computer-aided education, computer algebra systems, authoring tools, and many other applications for mathematics, science, business, economics, etc.


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