Flash Viewer Engine

Components and Libraries


Flash Viewer Engine is a set of components for Delphi, C++ Builder and Lazarus which adds extra features to Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX or Netscape plugin) such as loading from any sources, grab real 32-RGBA frames, real transparency playing. This great solution for playing Flash movies is an alternative of TShockwaveFlash. Supports both Flash ActiveX and Flash Netscape Plugin (used in FireFox, Opera and Safary). Cross-platform solution available on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X. Real streaming, load flash and video files from any sources without temporary files. Provides own data needed for playing SWF in real time. Stores any data (flash, images, video, sound, xml and other files) in DFM-file without external files. FLV video playback player with skinnable GUI, which allows to play video from external files, URL, exe-source or directly from a TStream. Enables/disables flash sounds, adjusts volume. Fully supports asynchronous streaming mode. Invisible, Windowed, Windowless Flash control and layered window support. Real player transparency, with anti-aliasing. Grabs flash frame to 32-bit buffer with alpha channel. Full support of Flash External API. What's new in Flash Viewer Engine 1.1: AllowFullScreen property added for all components to enable or disable ability to toggle FullScreen mode; AutodetectVideo and IsVideo properties are added to enable playing video even if its URL doesn't contain FLV extension; EmulateCrossdomainXML proprerty in TFlashStorage added. It emulates crossdomain.xml with all access rights. This allows faster loading and solves the problem of remote using and testing flash-movie without uploading it to the server; improved algorythm of asynchronous data loading; bug with opening external links from flash is fixed.


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