ESB Professional Component Suite for Delphi 5

Delphi Tools and Components


A collection of 3000+ routines/methods & 90+classes/components in 50+ units for Borland Delphi4/5, making Data Entry & Manipulation Easier for you &your users. Powerful Edit controls with Alignment,ReadOnly Colors, Focus Colors, & data specificproperties, ComboBoxes, SpinEdits, CalcEdits, EnhancedLabels, Time Zone Support and more. We also supplyspecial components for the editing & displaying ofFractions, Date/Time, Complex Numbers, Vectors &Matrices. Areas covered include Extended CurrencyTypes, EURO Conversion, Date/Time Manipulation,Statistics, Linear Regression, ProbabilityDistributions, Special Functions, Optimised Math,Vectors, Matrices, Equation Solving, Business Math,Accounting, Geometry, Unit Conversions and much more.

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