Dynamic AutoComplete Tool

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Add AutoComplete to any WinForms application and turn your TextBoxes and ComboBoxes into intelligent user agents. Data-entry forms, find boxes, logon screens, file/URL pickers...those types of UI elements will benefit greatly from being AutoComplete-enabled. Dynamic AutoComplete Tool will do it for you--without coding! Your users will love the enhancements provided by AutoComplete, because they avoid repetitive typing and they make forms easier and faster to fill in. This saves your users' time! And Dynamic AutoComplete Tool saves your time as well: you just put the component onto a form and you're done! Without coding. What about your application's search feature? You already know that your users tend to search for things repeatedly...So wouldn't they appreciate if you help them to remember what they've searched for recently? Do you use the OpenFileDialog component? What about complementing it with an intelligent file-picker box just like the Windows' Start/Run dialog? With the Dynamic AutoComplete Tool, adding those features is just a matter of seconds. You place the component onto a form and you're done!


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