DragonDB - MVB Edition (commercial)

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DragonDB - MVB Edition is an SQL database engine and software development toolkit for creating Microsoft Pocket PC and Smartphone database applications using AppForge MobileVB (version 3.2 or later). DragonDB is built upon SQLite3 so its databases are portable to all platforms and applications which support the SQLite3 database format. Affordable licensing options are available for commercial or non-commercial use. MAJOR BENEFITS - Very affordable No royalty fees when deploying your application. - Rapid development Easy to use API with a full featured SQL relational database engine. - Trivial deployment Simply include a couple of shared libraries with your application. - Trivial management Zero-configuration - no setup or administration needed. - Small code footprint Approximately 300KB for either Pocket PC or Smartphone platforms. - High performance Efficient/optimized design yields extremely fast queries and other database operations. - Multiplatform portability A database may simply be copied from one platform to another (binary compatibility). - Lifetime updates Updates are free for your licensed major version number. - Responsive support Our goal is help make you successful by supporting our licensed clients in a timely and effective fashion. MAJOR FEATURES - Powerful SQL relational database management engine embedded in AppForge MobileVB™ compliant fuser - Complete and well documented API. - VB6 project template for creating DragonDB™ powered AppForge MobileVB™ applications. - Royalty-free MobileVB™ compliant fusers for MS Pocket PC and Smartphone target devices. - Design time Win32 fuser for developing your DragonDB™ applications. - Example programs - Bundled with useful third-party tools to accelerate your development.


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