BinaryWork Media OCX

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ActiveX OCX to play any media file , and it include wav , avi , mid , and depending on the drivers and codecs installed it can play mp3 , mov , mpg , asx and others mediafiles , and it include also extended MCI capabilities , compatible with Win95/98/NT4.0/NT5.0 , internal volume control , ability to change the playback speed , VB5 and VB6 versions are available. What is new in the version 1.5.0: Fixed a bug involving lost handles opened by the control at runtime , and this bug was crashing the control after a long period of playback of multiples media files , and this bug also may report that the media file is invalid after a long period of playback , removed the MovieFullScreen function , this function was removed because depending on the movie file it will crash the control when returning from the fullscreen mode , now to play mpeg or any other movie file you need to resize the control to match the screen size , and the sample project will explain how to play movie files in fullscreen mode with ease , added new functions to add specific extensions to the pre-defined playback method , then you can define a extension and the driver that will play it when the file is loaded in the control , added the possibility to see a preview of the media file in the ShowOpen Dialog embedded in the control (ShowOpenFilePreview function) minor bugs fixed .


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