Beginners CGI

Components and Libraries


Beginners CGI is the best Ebook tutorial for newbies to learn Perl programming. After a year in writing it is finally here as an Ebook available for immediate download in .PDF format for Windows and completely printable. Print one page or all.(You need the freeware adobe acrobat reader to view it. This Book is different from most CGI Programming Books. Its different in the way it teaches in that it starts positively at the beginning of the programming experience. Written specifically for the novice. Most CGI training books claim they are for the beginner but they automatically assume that you know or have at least some amount of experience with HTML or C or some other language. This book doesn't do that. This book does just the opposite. This book will teach you how to start programming from the beginning in that it thinks this is the first time you have ever sat down at a computer and are not computer literate at all.


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