Atlantis Data Inspector

Databases and Networks


Data Inspector is our SQL diff and database synchronization tool, offering an easy and fast way to compare and synchronize data elements of SQL Server databases whether dealing with live, test or development databases. Restoring row level data, compiling audit trails of changed or missed data can be done speedily and easily without errors. You can confidently use Schema Inspector and Data Inspector to save hours of development time whether developing new SQL Server databases, migrating old systems over to new or performing a SQL diff between existing databases. The savings in development time will make a significant contribution to the ensuring your project will deliver solutions to your users on-time and on-budget. Features include: * Comparison of base types * Use on non integer comparison indexes * Comparison of XML types * Full support for SQL Server 2008 * Integrated grid viewer for viewing SQL diff results * Filtering Advanced features: * Database Synchronization * Segmented identity comparison * Comparison of CLR types * Multi-threaded SQL diff algorithm


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