Application Locker

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Itcan be used to run trial periods of software forpredefined periods and then expire or continue runningwith various parts of the application it isprotecting, disabled. The way it is used is entirelyup to the developer, because it has been designed tobe very versatile. The component enters detailsregarding the current state of registration of theapplication it is protecting, i.e. if it is registeredor not, and these details can be retrieved and viewedin the About Box. If any one tampers with the entriesin the registry, the component removes all of theentries and reverts to the state of not beingregistered. The details held in the registry, are notencrypted, and can easily be viewed, but by tamperingwith them, the component takes the action metioned toprotect your investment. The component also monitorsthe system date, if the clock is turned back, thecomponent adjusts the trial days. Help system forApplication Locker and key generator included in thedownload.


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