Registration Tools


A C++ static library that provides copy protection capability to an application. Features: 1) Creation of time-locked trial versions of your software. 2) Creation of machine-locked full versions (locked to a single machine to prevent copying). 3)Creation of user-locked full versions. (locked to a user identifier. This is less restrictive than machine-locked licensing). 4) Support for versioning. 5) Support for license transfer from one machine to another (For machine-locked software). 6) Support for automation of the license generation process. (For web-based automation of licensing). 7) Copy protection based on license file. No more hassle of giving out registration codes over the phone. 8) License file is encrypted and signed to prevent tampering. 9) Availableas a static library to prevent spoofing of the licensing code. 10) Copy protect COM, ActiveX and OCX components as well as applications.


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