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vayar vision Download vayar vision software and start searching visually. Transform your images into searchable ones. The visual tags are compatible with environments such as Flickr and Picasa. Vayar - connecting pictures: Vayar exposes hidden, beyond words, connections and associations between images. Vayar turns images to knowledge: Vayar is a missing link - between pixels and text. Vayar visual search results can be integrated with various decision support systems, and respond to the user with information, which is attached to the found images. When pixels communicate with words- the possibilities are endless. And you are invited to join the adventure. Vayar Vision is a work in progress, come back for further information, upgrades, updates and Addons. Contact us with your questions and ideas. Call us with any suggestion- for possible applications, business opportunities and partnerships. Contact us for any tailor-made adaptations you need ,and we will see what we can do. We wish you a new, exciting searching experience.


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