Network and Internet
Remote Computing Tools
  • Developer: Steffen Maus und Daniel Roth Netzmedien GbR
  • Home page: www.netzmedien.de
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 632 KB
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No need for special tools. No need to worry about firewalls and port restrictions. Just use your web-browser to administer remote machines running Windows operating systems. Use your web-browser to download, upload, delete, copy and rename files, to show, stop and launch processes running on the remote machine, to restart the apache 2 web-server running on the remote machine, to restart the remote machine. Use the following professional features to be more efficient in your daily administration work: Create shortcuts for viewing directories, downloading files, deleting files, starting and stopping processes, create users and user groups with different access rights for modifiying files and processes (you can even hide files from users)

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