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Ever wondered whether rare birds visit your garden while you're not watching, or been frustrated when fledglings have flown the nest before you could grab a camera? Then i-Catcher Wildlife is exactly what you need. Coupled with a PC and a relatively inexpensive camera you can take great pictures and you don't even have to be there to enjoy the show. "Using advanced motion detection techniques, i-Catcher Wildlife constantly compares the live images it receives from the connected camera. When motion is detected (such as a bird visiting your feeder) it automatically captures and saves the image to disk. The playback feature then allows you to review activity detected on a given day in a matter of minutes. Selected images can then be copied to another application or placed in archive. i-Catcher can even be configured to alert you by email or upload captured images to a web site! Sensitivity controls and user-defined masks allow you to eliminate spurious detections and you can even schedule i-Catcher to run at specific times. With Time Lapse and Web Cam modes also included, i-Catcher Wildlife will allow you to capture nature - up close and personal.


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