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XlBarXP2 is a multi-function toolbar for Internet Explorer on Windows XP Service Pack2 that provides additional security features, additional features for managing browser windows and enhanced save capabilities. It has an in-process firewall for controlling acess of individual modules (toolbars, ActiveX objects) to the Internet, Internet data logger that logs all messages sent to and received from the Internet and a cookie viewer. It has both an in-page ad and popup ad hider that just hides ads. The hidden ad can be made visible later if you wish to view it. Popups are automatically closed when their parent browser is navigated to a new URL or is closed. XlBarXP2 allows you to have hot buttons to you favorite Web pages. These hot buttons will simulate tabbed browsing and allow you to have multiple home pages. XlBarXP2 can save a page as WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Internet Explorer saves the page in the state that it was downloaded. However, since HTML is now dynamic the state of the current page may have changed since you may have manipulated it or because it changes automatically. XlBarXP2 saves the page in its current state. Furthermore, Internet Explorer does not actually save some types of HTML elements such as Flash movies but just saves a URL reference to these elements leaving the saved document dependent on external resources. XlBarXP2 saves more (but not all) types of HTML elements (including Flash movies) than Internet Explorer. XlBarXP2 can also control and save Flash and GIF animations. XlBarXP2 can save "unsaveable" pages. Internet Explorer will not save some Web pages because they have a "do not save" attribute in their HTTP headers or HTML META tags. XlBar ignores these attributes. XlBarXP2 can also save a bitmap (.bmp) image of the current page. This is the entire page not just the part currently visible in the window. You can then use Microsoft Paint to edit and print the image. XlBarXP2 is available in free and Pro versions.


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