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WebSwoon takes a list of web sites adresses (alias URLs) and automatically captures and saves in jpegs format the web pages content. It is useful, for example, if you want to provide information about a web site and display somewhere a small graphic capture beside it. You just have to fill a text file with a list of all the urls you want to grab and starts WebSwoon. You can choose to open the browser window used for captures if you want to ensure that web site is correctly displayed, or if you want to do some actions on the page before that the capture is done. Features : - Automatically load web sites and saves captures as JPEG images. - Adjustable thumbnails size of captures. - Adjustable browser size for captures. - Optionnal delay to wait for some animation on web pages. - Browser window can be displayed to browse web sites before the capture. - Images are saved with names based on web site url **. - Pretty and easy to use program interface. - Program is free and released under GPL !

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