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WebBiter is a plugin for Explorer. One can create an unlimited number of customized portales only with sections of web pages the user considers of interest. Every section of interest is called PLICE (Page and sLICE) and maintains all its original graphic and functional characteristics. Each individual plice can be independently and automatically updated. This is of particular use when the user selects those subjects with continuous update (News, Stock Exchange information, etc.). The sections can be of different shapes, so the plugin has been integrated with a management tool that is able to handle plice positioning through easy visual commands. Once the personal portale is saved as a local web page, it can be opened through Explorer. The plugin uploads all the web pages extracting from each single programmed plices. After which, all the dinamic plices will be independently updated according to the determined users timing. For those dinamic plices with text, the user can choose keywords. The plugin will alert the user in case key words are found in the texts. User can, not only create an unlimited number of personal portales which can be saved as preferences in Explorer, but he can also define one particular plice page as home page when Explorer opens.

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