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USB monitoring software helps you to identify unauthorized use of USB storage device activities in local area network. USB data theft monitoring software alerts you by playing selected or CPU beep sound when any mass storage media is being connect or release from any client machine system within domain. USB data security tool prevent you from unofficially transfer of your most important data through any external removable storage media. Surveillance utility monitor multiple USB drive activities instantly and saved performed file operation on it. Application invisible from all connected client machine and save complete hardware information of connected USB drive such as company name (support all manufactures), hardware ID, storage capacity with clients IP and machine name in log file and save it in txt or html file format. Software support all USB media including digital camera, flash card, multimedia card, memory card, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick and other similar storage devices (not input devices). Software facilitate administrator to enable / disable read or write permission of any USB port within network domain. This anti-theft monitoring software is user friendly and helpful application that can be use in various professional organizations, scientific investigation, Lab etc. Software Features: * Play sound notification when any mass storage media is connected or release. * Analyze multiple USB storage drive activities and performance in real time and offline. * Support all USB mass storage device including digital camera, pen drive, mp3 player, mp4 media players, iPods, memory card, memory stick etc. * Works even if network connection is being broken, unplugged or server not established. * Perform connection traffic analysis with data acquirement and control. * Save data transfer with performed file operation in log file. * Facilitate to change access permission of any storage media within network domain.


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