TransSoft Broker - FTP Server

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The FTP server of the new Internet era. It supports all those normal FTP features while it also adds extremely powerful capabilities to the normal feature list. Here is a brief list of supported features: Broker is configurable from a normal browser (locally or remotely), Optional NT User base authentication, Multiple sites support, User level transfer speed control, Supports resume of broken transfer, Passive transfers, User profiles and access restrictions, Detailed logging of transfers and users, Controllable Anonymous FTP, 'Banning', 'Kicking', User level greetings, use 'Windows Shortcuts' for folders and files. Internal ZIP and UNZIP capabilities, Powerful COPY and DELETE features, Execute remote programs, Change your FTP password 'on the fly' from the FTP Client - Plus many more... All those features and restrictions to them are configurable for the sites master.


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