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Torrent Searcher is an easy-to-use media search and download tool that is based on the KC Easy Source Code. It have one big different option included in comparison with KC Easy. That is that it can search for torrents on several of big torrents sites/databases. It can search song, movie, image, application and any other files from Ares and OpenFT P2P networks and Bittorrent network as well. It also includes a powerful media player that enables users to play all popular media types, create playlists for song and movie, preview downloading files, view images thumbnails. Newest Option: - Search option on Gnutella Network What's New: - Web based Torrent Searcher included - Fixed Dutch translation being Polish - Fixed "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" when switching to search page - Fixed bug which displayed error dialog on orderly disconnect - Added option to keep corrupted files - Give a hint if download is paused due to full disk - Fixed ft_node.c node class assertion failure (OpenFT) - Added file extension filter for search results - Remember search realm - Remember selected networks when 'All Networks' is selected - Added Polish translation - Ignore duplicate and inclusive share roots (giFT) - Added simple IRC chat client - Added filter to library - Don't show message boxes on silent install - Added meta data columns to library - Allow multi selection of transfers - Save main window position - Allow searching on arbitrary set of networks -Added Ares plugin - Added magnet support for Ares (pretty useless at the moment though since Ares does not return file name and size on hash searches) - Added icons for Ares and unknown networks - Updated Italian and French translations - Added Finnish translation

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