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The Bean is a new Java mud client designed to be: * highly scriptable, without using a clumsy, ad hoc scripting language: to this end, a Ruby scripting engine is integrated in the applet. Ruby is a nice little language that fits perfectly as a helper for a mud client, because it has awesome text processing capabilities. * easy to extend: there is a plugin framework that makes it easy (for me) to add extensions. This is not (yet) accessible to the user, although it should eventually be possible to write plugins in Ruby * runnable from anywhere: the settings can be saved on the mud server (obviously this requires that the mud server support this). The program can be used as a stand-alone application as well as an applet. * stable: no crash, no feature bloating - this is a mud client, not a freaking chat/editor/encrypter. * aliases, hotkeys, triggers, and speedwalks are supported


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