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Besides performing all the applications expected from a standard network software, System:View software aims at personalizing the system in a way that will meet every expectation of the system user and provide the system administrator(s) to manage their own systems with their customized automation software and to solve the problems with primary. It shows the detailed hardware and software inventory of all windows installed servers. Also System:View can perform viewing processes, running processes, shutdown machines, log off machines, power off machines, viewing internet history, ,Report internet usage,View used and worked on files,Report used and worked on files, remote desktop connection.Agentless management works both on workgroup and domain Automatically controls your Windows machines! Network Monitoring Monitor and notify system administrator when a node is down or up in a graphical manner. Send Message It can send messages to Remote pc operations. Shutdown It can make log off , shutdown , restart, power off operations to Windows machines. Process This part runs programs and shows which programs are running on Windows machines. Reports System:View can report the viewed inventories in PDF or HTML formats. Remote Desktop It is the part which computers are remote controlled. For this operation VNC program must be installed in the computer. You can download the program which is needed for remote desktop program from address. Inventory Details There is nearly 66 main parameters like BIOS, HDD, CDROM and 600 sub parameters. You can view online all this parameters and also reports them. -Driver, Driver Versions, Driver installation times -Timezone -Bios, Bios Version, Manufacturer -Ram, Empty Slots -Processes, Hot fixes Internet and File History It views visited Internet Sites and opened/worked Files. Report visited Internet Sites and opened/worked Files

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