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Exchange Super Smash Bros. Brawl friend codes with players around the world. Get cheats & secrets, custom stages, wallpapers, and more. Nintendo left out chat, so this toolbar was created to allow communication and exchange of friend codes while having Brawl resources at your fingertips to increase your skills. It also comes with the latest Brawl news, an email notifier for Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail & Pop3 accounts, a pop-up blocker, radio, Google powered search, and search tool for news, dictionary, shopping, etc to make this more than just a Brawl Toolbar. Brawl resources include info for every character, stage, and item to help you become the best brawler you can be. Knowing is half the battle. FAQs, guides, cheats & secrets are also readily available. Downloadable custom stages and wallpapers are also a click away. The latest Smash Bros. news is also automatically updated in the toolbar. When you're done educating yourself, get on the Chat, exchange friend codes, brawl and talk trash. Forget websites that you have to go to and find challengers through a tedious process of registering, logging in, etc. With the Super Smash Bros. Toolbar, just launch your browser and you're ready to brawl and you have all the important Brawl info right in front of you before you even touch the keyboard. The toolbar is freeware and also spyware free. Built for brawlers by brawlers. Go to for more info.


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