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Spb GPRS Monitor is a complete solution for measuring the amounts of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection and calculating network usage costs. Spb GPRS Monitor watches all data transfers you perform and calculates the cost of your GPRS usage taking into account your service plan details such as inclusive data amount, data block size, etc. Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4 features: * Support for WM 2003 SE (Landscape/VGA) * Taskbar icon that shows GPRS connection speed, etc. * Pop-up window that shows all GPRS information * Warning notifications on daily/monthly traffic limits * Detailed connection usage and cost charts * Detailed text report of your connection usage and cost * Export to CSV for use with MicrosoftR Excel and Access * 300+ pre-defined service plans * Today plug-in that shows GPRS speed and other info * Skinnable interface * Spb Pocket Plus Today plug-in integration support * NEW! Windows Mobile 5.0 support * NEW! iPaq 63xx series support

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