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AthTek Skype Recorder concentrates on providing best quality Skype calls recording services. It works on Windows operating systems and keeps high-quality Skype recording on both sides of a Skype call. It can also be used as a smart video recorder or a parental control tool with its advanced features. Skype Recorder is the best choice in private Skype calls recording, business call center, Skype interview and parental control. Skype Recorder comes with a clean interface and integrates both audio and video recording features in one program. It can automatically start with Skype and record Skype calls in high-quality audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC. It can also record Skype calls in high-quality video format as AVI files automatically. With the advanced video recording features, you can also capture video from MSN chats, Gtalk chats, AOL chats, video games, any active window or even the full screen of your desktop. You can also make the Skype recording to be invisible from your screen by using the Silent Mode of Skype Recorder. To businessman, Skype Recorder can absolutely help to enhance the customer service of call center. The Machine Bind License is recommended to business call centers. Once the Skype Recorder has been authorized to a specified client in the business call center, all the Skype calls will be recorded automatically for future inquire, no matter how many Skype IDs can be used on this computer. To parents, Skype Recorder can also be used as a powerful parental control. The only thing you need to do is to configure Skype Recorder to auto start along with the computer and select Silent Mode in the Advanced tab. Then you would be able to invisibly record Skype calls on the computer, and you will easily know whom your kids are communicating with or even to view what he or she looks like. Please note: the parental control features are somehow overkill, please do not use our Skype Recorder in any illegal activity.


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