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Dear Friend, Do you know how easy it is for people to cheat you out of your hard earned work or even blatantly steal your product just from the code on your “Buy Now” buttons? Did you know that many of the proposed “solutions” for this problem are simple Javascript programs that are equally easy to get around for the determined hacker or thief? Did you know that there is an affordable solution to this problem that is virtually hacker-proof AND thief-proof? Try this little experiment. • Right click on your sales page, view and copy the source code and copy it into the html editor that you prefer • Change the amount on your buy now button to one penny or even $0 • “Test” view the “new” price sales page in your web browser and click the “buy now” button. If your thank you page is a static page with a URL visible anywhere on the site or in the source code, your products are even more prone to being stolen or given away without you ever making a single penny to show for all of your work. The SimpleCheckouts Download System is fully automated! With the Google Checkout and PayPal Download System... • You don't have to manually send download instructions or a thank you message to your customers. • You don't have to manually add them to your customer database or your autoresponder. • You don't have to manually send them follow-up and/or promotional email messages. • You don't have to worry about how to get repeat sales. • You don't have to worry about thieves and hackers stealing your products. • You don't have to worry about people passing around your download pages and download links.

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