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The Securepoint Network Test Tool allows you to analyse the traffic and content of your network. It includes a sniffer and many more. The tool is freeware and works under Windows98, NT, 2000, XP and ME. Features: Windows Protocol tables (TCP/IP/ARP): Easy and fast summary of all protocols. The TCP/IP/ARP table shows your internal window connections through your network. Network reporting: The report shows the founded computers in the specificated network. It reports the IP address and names of the computers Service programs to analyse: - Integrated port scanner - Traceroute and - a special analyse program of the local and network computer Network monitor: Shows the actual activity of the network interface and the traffic Sniffer: The sniffer gives you the possibility to monitore the traffic of the network. You will get every data package which is received at the selected network card. Either it is for your computer or not Results and reports are saveable. Warning: The Securepoint Network Test Tool is not legalized in every country. You are only allowed to use the software for your own network test and finding of security holes. Securepoint gives no warranty on it. The software is being delivered to you AS IS and Securepoint makes no warranty as to its use or performance. All Rights Reserved.


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