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About SEARCH MATE 1.0 ===================== SEARCH MATE 1.0 is a powerful tool using which enables you to search the web right from your desktop. Currently SEARCH MATE 1.0 offers you a choice of 80 popular search engines to choose from. This powerful web searcher allows you to surf thru all search engines ranging from AOL to ZDnet. In the current version the default search engine is Google. Most users (as per recent surveys) use Google the most, but you might never get the results you desire just from one search engine. Yes, that is true! And here is the solution. Using SEARCH MATE 1.0, you can directly search from your desktop. All you need to do is to just type your search term in the search box and select the search engine. Presto! you will directly be taken to the results page in your Internet Explorer browser. In other words, you don't have to go to the search engines' pages, type your query and wait for the results. Instead you can directly get the results instantly. POPULAR DESKTOP UTILITIES ========================= >>> Get up to 25 latest URL links visited. Remove one or whole list from Recent URL list without loss of History Information. Generally I E Browser provides 'clear history' which erases history as well as links visited. >>> Get the list of special folders in your PC and open desired folder from this tool. >>> Get the Date and Time at which your PC is booted and also know how much time you worked with PC. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS =================== Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Microsoft Internet Explorer


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