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Are you tired of saving images with Internet Explorer, having to enter file name each time? SavePicNoAsk PRO is a handy batch download manager specially created for the download junkies, especially for those who love downloading pictures. The awesome "Save a pic with a click!" feature of the program lets the user save one or all images from a webpage with one mouse click. No context menus, no dialogs - just one click! You don't even have to wait until Internet Explorer shows a large picture, just click on its thumbnail and SavePicNoAsk PRO will find and download the large picture automatically. You can also specify the size range for the program to download only high-resolution pictures, bypassing low quality thumbnails. Moreover, SavePicNoAsk PRO can be easily configured to automatically download any types of files (music, video, zip archives, etc.). SavePicNoAsk PRO supports downloading files from Yahoo! and MSN web sites. You can set the speed limit to prevent the program from consuming too much bandwidth and slowing down your work on the Internet. The program lets you group the files according to their source and define the naming rules for new files. You don't have to download the files continuously - you can pause and resume the process any time. SavePicNoAsk PRO is a common sense, straightforward, user-friendly application with a convenient interface. It does not require any special skills or training and can be used by both by beginners and advanced users equally easily. The program comes with a tutorial that teaches you how to use the program in no time.

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